DWOS Bite Splints CAD Software

Application tool for designing protectors and mouth guards of various kinds. The resulting device could notably be used in the treatment of bruxism.

Features and benefits

  • The completely digital workflow offers high-precision results while significantly reducing costs
  • Features dynamic occlusion where the interference of the occlusion with the bite splint is calculated and removed from the occlusal surface
  • Include customization tools to smooth, morph and perfect the design before merging
  • Features a wizard mode for an easy and streamlined workflow
  • provides the ability to tag the bite splint for identification and branding
  • Provides manufacturing flexibility to choose between a 3D-printed or milled application


Design workflow

Once the model is scanned, you define the axis and block the model for undercuts. You can then edit the block-out wax to define and control retention areas. Following the tracing of the contour of the bite splint along the model surface and the definition of thickness parameters, the bite splint is automatically computed.