New! A Redesigned EASY Mode

From data set to export of surgical guides, the EASY implant planning wizard that you already know has been redesigned and updated. Users can benefit from a wider range of treatment scenarios and a complete workflow, and all within a new even more simplified interface.

coDiagnostiX® Implant Planning Software

Digital solution for implant planning and design of surgical drill guides offering safe and predictable results for increased efficiency and productivity.

Digital Workflow and Drill Guides

coDiagnostiX offers an innovative completely digital workflow with integrated drill guide design. The software supports both local and centralized drill guide production.

  • No mandatory scan template required
  • Customized and highly precise drill guides
  • Cost-efficient fabrication through automated, high-capacity 3D printing
  • Increased flexibility due to drill guide fabrication by your local lab
  • Strengthened relationship between dentist and lab

Communication with caseXchange

Simplify communications between coDiagnostiX users with caseXchange, to make treatment planning a truly collaborative process, to get a second opinion from a colleague, and to ensure that all parties’ expectations are met.

  • Online case-sharing for specialists, referring dentists, labs, and service providers
  • Integrated order placement and order management functions
  • Ideal tool to get a second opinion from a colleague
  • Case presentation to patients using the coDiagnostiX iPad® app









Integration to Prosthetic Workflows

Direct import of prosthetic designs from DWOS CAD software into coDiagnostiX allows for the integration of preoperative and prosthetic situations, thus improving the quality of treatment and the fit of implant-borne restorations.

coDiagnostiX can export preoperative planning data to open CAD/CAM solutions, facilitating design and fabrication of healing abutments and provisional restorations. With timely and easy access to provisionals, experience a significant improvement in patient satisfaction during treatment.


Benefits for Clinics                                               Benefits for Labs

  • Offer gold standard treatment with minimal patient visits at                     •  Gain access to a growing number of digital implant cases       an affordable cost                                                                                •  Benefit from an open and customizable system
  • Extend application of minimal invasive surgery                                        •  Integrate prosthetic and surgical workflows
  • Integrate surgical and prosthetic workflows                                             •  Improve the fit of your implant-borne restorations
  • Order highly-accurate, custom-made surgical guides  and                        •  Produce highly-accurate drill guides in-house                      provisional restorations directly from your local lab                                  •  Design and produce provisional restorations and healing
  • Benefit from short lab production delays                                                     abutments with DWOS software


DWOS Synergy

Taking integration even further, DWOS Synergy synchronizes planning and design work between coDiagnostiX and DWOS CAD stations. Experts can collaborate in real time, which helps to speed up work considerably.