DWOS Connect

Communications Platform
Links dental professionals who work with DWOS CAD software. With a few clicks, dentists, laboratories and production centers can collaborate on a specific case by sharing all related case information.

For labs, an expanded offering and production capacity

By providing a list of DWOS registered production and design centers in a specific area or around the world, DWOS Connect helps find the partners you need to expand your product offering and production capacity.


For clinics, a smooth transfer of digital scans and follow-up

DWOS Connect provides any member of the dental clinic team the ability to digitally send intraoral or impression scans to the laboratory of choice, and tracking tools will provide information on the status of the case.


Main functionalities of DWOS Connect Order definition

  • Order definition
  • Filtering of the providers according to the specifications of the case and by area
  • Transfer of the order along with 3D data
  • 3D viewing of the case
  • Notification of reception of the order
  • Real-time follow-up of the order status (received, in production, etc.)
  • Is available through a Website link or iPad® app