DWOS Full Dentures CAD Software

Provides an easy and efficient way to digitally address edentulous cases. Intuitive CAD tools allow dental professionals to execute a familiar workflow in the digital world. Take advantage of the functional tooth set-up and aesthetic gingiva proposal.

Full denture design made easy

Dental professionals will appreciate the highly-aesthetic and functional design of each tooth, and the perfect occlusion of the denture templates.


Features and benefits

  • Comes with a library of ready-made teeth created by dental experts
  • Includes easy-to-use design tools for customization of the teeth
  • Includes rapid-prototyping of the base plate for preparation of the bite registration
  • Includes a fitting simulation
  • There is no fastidious modelling of the gingiva since the software generates the natural look
  • Produces time-saving and reproducible results