Nacera® Classic Liquid


Nacera´s Classic Liquid – a brand new Shading Liquid Concept for perfect lifelike shade results especially in combination with white Nacera® Zirconia.


Focused on the essence – Nacera® Classic Liquids are available in 16 body colors and various effect stains covering. the entire chromatic spectrum and guaranteeing flexible and individual customization of Nacera® Zirconia restorations. Finer details, such as mamelons, cervical and interproximal accents can be performed easily with pinpoint precision. The liquids can be applied directly by brush or using the dipping technique. Nacera® Classic Liquid is specially developed for Nacera® Pearl Zirconia to provide maximum shade consistency, aesthetics and efficiency.

    • Body A1-D4: 50, 100 ml
    • Enamel I, Enamel II: 20 ml
    • Effect Blue, Grey, Orange, Brown: 20 ml
    • Diluter: 50 ml
    • Balancer: 20 ml
    • Revolutionary match of the VITA* shades and lifelike smooth color transitions
    • Make monolithic crowns and bridges up to 3 units, veneers, inlays, onlays
    • Finish in One-Bake, e.g. with ceraMotion® One Touch
    • Your ergonomic system to achieve the most common shades
    Works with
    • Nacera® Pearl 1
    • Nacera® Pearl Multi-Shade
    • Nacera® Pearl Shaded 16+2
  • Nacera classic liquid
    Body A1 – D4 50 ml, 100 ml
    Enamel I, Enamel II 20 ml
    Effect Blue, Grey, Orange, Brown 20 ml
    Diluter 50 ml
    Balancer for Pontics 20 ml
  • Manual and data sheet
    Instructions for use Nacera® Classic Liquid
    Safety data sheet Nacera® Classic Liquid