Nacera® Tools


With our Nacera Tools you get a carefully selected portfolio of milling burs for all common dental milling machines – the burs will be differentiated by the material milled, polymers or zirconium oxide.


Nacera Tools for machining zirconium oxide are designed with two or more cutting edges that vary in their coating. The diamond coating increases the bur lifetime two to three times by protecting against abrasion. The diamond coating additionally protects the milling burs from zirconium dust, which means that the milling burs need to be cleaned much less frequently, thus increasing reliability.

Uncoated burs are used when milling fissures and fossae with maximum precision and detail. The single-edged burs for processing polymers allow an optimal outflow of material chips, eliminating the need for material lubrication. Likewise, the geometry of the milling cutters enables a low machining temperature and a smooth restoration surface, even with thin contours.

Less chipping due to precise concentricity and tight manufacturing tolerances – The use of Nacera Tools guarantees you the highest restoration quality thanks to the precisely manufactured milling burs.

In combination with Nacera Zirconia, the lifetime of the burs is increased up to 15%, excellent milling properties without edge fractures are guaranteed. Convince yourself!
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    • Durable. Thanks to the diamond coating of the Nacera Tools the lifetime increases up to three times compared to milling burs without diamond coating (depends on material density)
    • Precise. Less chipping due to precise concentricity and tight manufacturing tolerance
    • Certain. Optimally coordinated milling and grinding strategies enable maximum process reliability
    • Efficient. In combination with Nacera Zirconia: the lifetime of milling burs is 32 hours (at standard milling strategy and 1 mm ø)
    • Versatile. Suitable for all common dental milling machines
    • Economical. Extremely good price-performance ratio
    • Made in Germany