Nacera® Pearl Q³


Nacera® Pearl Q³ Multi-Shade is a polychromatic, ultra-high-translucent zirconia with finely smoothing color gradient and a perfect match of VITA* shades.


A proprietary color blending method, taking for the first time into account the color-dependent brightness value and chroma in a zirconium oxide system. The shade match and natural appearance allows you to be most effective. Save time while finishing only with glaze or give quickly a further individual character through adding accents with stains. Achieve easily a masterpiece while layering on a minimal cut back. Now it´s up to you. Try it and convince yourself.

Nacera´s Experts developed Pearl Q3 based on the latest Zirconia generation. The 6Y-PSZ Zirconia has a cubic phase that significantly reduces birefringence compared to other Yttria stabilized Zirconia on the market. Light transmission and consequently the translucency has been drastically increased.


    Characteristics :

    • Flexural strength (DIN EN ISO 6872:2015): > 600 MPa
    • Standard 98: Nacera Pearl Q3 Multi-Shade A-light, A-dark, B-light, B-dark, C-light: Height of 16, and 20 mm


    Benefits :

    • Revolutionary match of the VITA* shades and lifelike smooth color transitions
    • Make monolithic crowns and bridges up to 3 units, veneers, inlays, onlays
    • Finish in One-Bake, e.g. with ceraMotion® One Touch
    • Your ergonomic system to achieve the most common shades
  • physical properties
    Color Ultra high translucent
    Flexural Strength (DIN EN ISO 6872:2015) 600 MPa
    Radioactivity < 0,0051 Bq/kg
    CTE 9,8*10-6 K-1
    Chem. Solubility < 13 μg/cm2
  • manual and data sheet
    Technical datasheet Nacera® Pearl Q3 Multi-Shade
    Safety data sheet Nacera® Pearl Q3 US
    Instructions for use Nacera® Pearl Q3 Multi-Shade
    Nacera® Pearl Q3 Multi Shade Color Guide
    Nacera® Pearl Q3 Quick Guide Speed Sintering