C4D Milling Centers

C4D offers high quality fabrication and support services in the digital.line sector, which promote the partnership between dental technicians and dentists. A comprehensive range of individually fabricated prosthetic solutions with an extensive range of supplementary services and processes is available for this purpose.

Specialists combine digital technologies with modern dental technology and develop customized solutions – perfectly tailored to customer requirements. The overall process is streamlined for optimum communication, production and delivery efficiency.

  • Flexibility – due to open standards
  • Professional competence - from dental technician to dental technician
  • Quality – highest precision guaranteed
  • Warranty – CM products minimise your risk
Characteristic Specification
Indications Implants, Titanium bases, Natural Teeth
Fixation Screw-Retained, cemented, bonded
Materials Precious metals, titanium, chromium-cobalt, Pekkton® ivory, zirconium
Workflow Digital, traditional
Platforms Commercial suppliers of implants
Screw channel Straight, angled

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